Good Charlotte -ийн 4 дахь цомог

Good Charlotte's new album

Good Charlotte -ийн 4 дахь цомог нь тун удахгүй буюу 3 сарын 27нд худалдаанд гарах гэж байна. Одоогийн сонссон дуунуудаас нь ажиглахад шинэ цомог нь нилээн сайн болох төлөвтэй байсан.


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  1. Hi There

    I would like to listen music of Good Charlotte cause I do not know why I listen Good Charlotte’s Musics.

    Actually Rhytm is pretty good Everybody has to listen !!!

  2. That is one of the best pieces I have seen. &n#;tsIp&b39;s great to see Zach doing what he is for that community.  He's always seemed like a wonderful person and this video just proves it.  I hope this video can get out to more people so they can see what really happened in Iowa.  My heart and prayers go out to those in Cedar Rapids that were affected.All the best,Josh

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